Hustlin’s Billboard Hot 100 Updates #1

In my first issue of “Hustlin’s Billboard Hot 100 Updates” imma do exactly what the title says but imma focus on the tracks im liking & you can follow they’re rise or fall on the Billboard Hot 100! be sure to comment on what you think of this. So here we go:

B.o.B’s “Nothing On You” is still at number 2 and should top the list next week (i hope)

Usher’s “OMG” made an impressive debut at 14!

Ludacris’s “My Chick Bad” peaked at 18 this week & is probably heading for a top 10 position.

Drake’s “Over” is at 24 & dropped 7 positions since it’s peak at 17.


Kevin Rudolf’s tune “I Made It” (Cash Money Heroes) peaked at 29!

The recently leaked Diddy & Dirty Money track “Hello Good Morning” debuted at 34.

At number 55 we have Gucci Mane’s banger “Lemonade” which has peaked at 53 & i think it’ll land around 40.

T.I.’s “I’m Back” keeps falling and is now at 61 with 44 as it’s peak.

Waka Flocka’s hit “Oh Let’s Do It” is at 70 with the peak of 62. i’m surprised that this isn’t a bigger hit at the Hot 100.

Young Money’s “Roger That” scores number 80 in it’s second week on the chart, good looks!

At 87 we have Yo Gotti’s “Women Lie, Men Lie” with 81 as it’s peak, don’t expect any higher then that.

And finally charting  at 92 on it’s first week we have Travie McCoy’s new single “Billionaire”

Hope you guys liked this be sure to comment!


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